Tuesdays!  A New Step in the Right Direction!


Our goal at Bridges of Hope is to be a Hub of Hope for those experiencing homelessness, poverty, and consequences of addictive behaviors.  We want to be more than just a homeless shelter, but a place of hope for all those who are struggling.  

To this end we are starting to branch out by beginning a "services" day each Tuesday of the week.  The shelter stays open during the day from 7:00am-12:00pm to connect guests with local agencies, ministries, and organizations - all with the goal of helping our guests take next steps toward permanent housing, stable jobs, addiction recovery, mental health healing, etc.
We will also include phone calls, zoom meetings, and internet use, so that people can connect during the day with agencies to finish applications, processes, and interviews.  There will be Bible Studies, Life Classes, Recovery Meetings, etc.

We are very excited about this new programming and how it will help our guests and our community as a whole!  But we need your help!!  We are looking for a few specific things:

  • A CPA who would be willing to do a short class/interview to go over questions our guests have about their taxes.  You will not help them complete their taxes, but answer questions about eligibility, how to file, where to file, etc.  
  • People who are willing to bring your laptop and come sit with guests and help them fill out paperwork for jobs, social services, etc.  
  • If you have a job skill or life class you would be willing to teach, let us know!

We are open each night and as the winter grows long, our numbers grow as well.  We are excited about who God is bringing through our doors.  It is not always easy and the path is not always smooth, but we are so excited about the blessings He brings us when we are faithful to His calling.  

If you are interested in responding, please contact our Shelter Director, Jill Conkel at 937-901-3990 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!  We are so thankful for the community that God has placed us in!!

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