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Regina Willen
Cathy Brown

3346 Jasper Road
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HALO provides innovative science based behavior modification for shelter and rescued animals with the goal of finding and keeping forever homes. HALO offers support to the local community by providing behavior consultations with a certified behaviorist and training with top notch trainers to those in need. HALO offers assistance to individuals in the community with the overall care of their companion animal. HALO provides a much-needed service to those who would otherwise have to surrender their beloved pet to the shelter.  

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, funded by donations. Plans are underway to begin work on our new state of the art kennel and training facility.  This facility will be the home of SAFE PETS dogs, shelter dogs in need of behavior modification before adoption, and those dogs in need of extensive training. 

HALO plans to partner with Hogan Healers to incorporate shelter dogs into their service dog training.   Hogan Healers and Halo together can make a great dog out of what would have been a dog euthanized!  

 The Founder of HALO, ​Regina Willen, is a Neuroscience and Physiology Scientist. She currently holds certification with Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and International Association Of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has extensively studied the behavior of shelter dogs in and out of the shelter. She specializes in creating behavior programs that are practical for shelter staff, volunteers, and the busy family. She has successfully implemented a behavior modification and an enrichment program in a county shelter in Dayton, OH, which has saved hundreds of lives. She uses scientific research and positive training to create an easy to understand behavior plan and will support you every step of the way until you're comfortable with your best friend's behavior. ​


The mission of HALO is to reduce the population of owner surrendered animals in shelters. We do this by offering other options such as behavior modification, training tools, pet food, and assistance with medical treatments to those individuals facing financial challenges. We inspire pet owners to keep the promise they made to their pet to care for them forever. HALO hopes to be an inspiration to the community by teaching humane treatment to animals and their owners.


HALO is currently working on opening a state of the art behavior modification facility in Xenia, Ohio. Construction is underway on one (of two) buildings is under way. HALO will provide a much-needed service to the community addressing the homeless and abandoned animals. We will provide other alternatives to those individuals who feel abandonment or surrendering their companion is the only option.  


During a behavior consultation, Regina will identify contributing factors to your pets unwanted behavior. She will explain why your pet is exhibiting these behaviors.  Behavior consultations result in a customized program and working knowledge of how to implement the behavior plan. These programs will be practical for everyone. She specializes in creating behavior programs that are practical for the busy family, shelter staff, and volunteers.  Using scientific research and positive training, she will support you every step of the way until you're comfortable with your best friend's behavior.  Consultations can be done at your home or her office.

We offer boarding to your pet with a personal touch.   

Millions of animals are housed in animal shelters every year.  But even those shelters that provide the best care ill inadvertently expose these animals to stress.  Based on years of research, it is a fact that the most stressed dogs relinquished will behave the same as it did at home.  In fact, the majority of owner relinquished dogs are euthanized because they cannot cope with the shelter environment and their behavior changes.  Please consider other options before you make a decision to surrender your pet to the shelter.  HALO will provide you with the resources needed to keep your pet, but if all else fails, we will help you rehome your pet.  What we can do for those individuals facing financial challenges:

  • Provide behavior modification for unwanted behavior

  • Provide training for the dog and owner

  • Provide training tools, such as crates, collars, leashes, etc.

  • Provide dog food 

  • Provide training transportation to vet appointments

  • Provide veterinarian care

  • Provide exercise, bathing, and grooming services

HALO is a state of the art kennel-under construction.  Each HALO dog will be housed in an 8x10 room that will contain a toddler bed, toys, treats, whatever it takes to make a dog comfortable.  The rooms will encircle a living room with all the look and feel of living in a home environment.  We at HALO have witnessed the stress reducing effects that this type of environment has on a displaced or fearful dog.  We will use science based techniques such as classical music, essential oils, and most importantly human contact to reduce the stress.  The kennel is housed on 5 fenced in acres with agility equipment and a small pool (under construction) for the dogs to run and play.  This kennel will house dogs removed from a shelter who require behavior modification prior to being put up for adoption.  HALO dogs will go through training (know basic commands) and will be confident and well-adjusted before being placed up for adoption. We are not about quantity but quality, and we cannot accept dogs from the community without director approval.     

​HALO provides behavior modification programs for those shelter dogs not yet ready for adoption. HALO removes those dogs from the stressful shelter environment and provides behavior modification in a home environment. Please check out our adoptable dogs that have graduated from our behavior modification program and in need of forever homes. 

Many individuals encounter a catastrophic event causing displacement, such as hospitalization, eviction, fire, etc. Many organizations in the community offer services to those individuals in need, however, those individual's pets remain displaced and those individuals find no other option but to surrender their beloved pet to the shelter.  HALO offers a service to those individuals and will house and care for their pet while they recover.  

HALO provides services to local animal shelters. We offer training to staff and volunteers. We offer assistance with practical behavior modification and enrichment programs that can be easily implemented. These programs will improve animal welfare and increase adoption success and reduce return rates. ​

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