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Friday, January 20 2017 @ 06:53 AM EST

X-Plan Update

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful (on some days) spring weather in Xenia. Although it has been a while since the last X-Plan update, considerable progress has been made. With completion of a numerous public meetings, reports, a community survey and a special project involving Xenia High School students, the initial public input and analysis phase of X-Plan is complete! Below is a summary of some newly available information and efforts underway, as well as what to expect over the next few months.

I encourage you to review, if you haven’t already, the information available on the X-Plan website, including the recent updates.



Community Survey Report. The results of a comprehensive Xenia community survey completed by Wright State University are now complete and available in the X-Plan portion of the City’s website (click here to access). The City contracted with Wright State University’s Center for Urban and Public Affairs to conduct a phone survey of 400 randomly selected Xenia citizens, similar to a previous survey in 2009. The 2012 survey provided updated information, identified trends and focused more on issues related to the X-Plan process. The survey revealed several detailed and useful findings about citizen opinions to inform X-Plan as well as general City services.


Xenia High School X-Plan Project. City and Xenia Community School District staff have collaborated to develop a high school student class project for X-Plan. A class of eight 11th and 12th graders at Xenia High School has worked as a team to conduct an electronic survey of children in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 in the Xenia Community School District. The purpose of this survey is to provide a youth perspective on the issues facing Xenia – a perspective often overlooked in community planning processes. The bright, hard-working students include Brittany Brooks (grade 12), Nate Eavers (grade 11), Shane Jacobs (grade 12), Sean Mangan (grade 11), James Mowen (grade 12), Que'Shon Payne (grade 12), Devon Taylor (grade 12) and Nikki Wellman (grade 11); led by teacher Emily Ryan.

I appreciate the students’ hard work, as well as the support of School District staff and leadership, particularly Superintendent Deb Piotrowski, Curriculum Supervisor Amy Baldridge, and teacher Emily Ryan for making the project happen. The project will help to increase community awareness of and community input for X-Plan, while providing a unique real-world learning experience for the students.

The students will present the results of their work and other X-Plan information to City Council at a work session at 6:00 on April 26 (at City Hall, 101 North Detroit Street, second floor). Their report, when completed, will be posted under “Plan Documents” in the X-Plan section of the City’s website.


Other X-Plan Information, Next Steps. Also available in the X-Plan portion of the City’s website are records of three public workshops and an online discussion forum held over the past six months, and a staff-completed Existing Conditions Report that analyses community trends, needs and opportunities.

The City staff-led project team is currently developing a preliminary version of X-Plan, including draft goals, policies, and future land use and transportation plans, based on the community input and analysis conducted thus far. This “preliminary plan” will be submitted to City staff and then the Steering Committee, general public, Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council as follows:

·         Late May/June: Steering Committee

·         Late June/July: Public workshop

·         July/August: Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council

·         August: Follow-up Steering Committee meeting


After these meetings, the project team will refine X-Plan based on feedback received, develop detailed implementation strategies, and present the final plan to the public in the fall.


Thanks for your participation in the X-Plan process so far!


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.


Best regards,

Brian R. Forschner, AICP

City Planner

City of Xenia

Planning and Zoning Department



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